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Meet the blazing music star, Sir Samuel G Gesitubor



By Teide Emomotimi

Have you met the amazing and blazing Izon gifted music maestro, Sir Samuel G Gesitubor? He is making great exploits in his chosen career. I have come in contact with one rare young star in the music industry. He thrills in a manner one could imagine whether he is a reincarnation of King Robert Ebizimor.

Samuel Gesi, never for once allowed his music background to deter him, rather he saw it as a booster, and discovered more of his God-given talent. He showed resilience by being dedicated and devoted to it.

History has proved itself in the narration of the Ayakoromo community. This is the only community encompassing every talent, writer, dancer, drummer and gifted artist in the Music🎵🎤 industry of Niger Delta.

His songs 🎵🎤 will inspire you as it is full of comfortable lyrics which will make you get unlimited happiness.
Please, let us put all hands on deck to encourage the young talented son of Niger Delta and give no room for excuses.

In case you are in a sad mood 😭, try and listen 🎧 to his music, and you will be happy. He performs wonderfully in every outing in every state. We need to encourage them.


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