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N-Delta activist, Patterson calls for a retaliation over killing of Ijaw Apoi son by herders



A Niger Delta rights activist and National Spokesman, Niger Delta Youth Association Worldwide, Comrade Gabriel Patterson Unyeowaji has threatened retaliation over the unlawful execution of an Ijaw Apoi son by the marauding Fulani herdsmen in Ondo State on Saturday.

This was stated in a press statement signed by himself on Saturday.

The statement titled; “Ijaw People Must Move to Avenge The Taking of An Ijaw Life by Fulani terrorists”, said the Ijaw nation should arise to the occasion and avenge the unlawful extermination of peace loving Ijaw sons and daughters in any guise by anybody.

The rights activist stated: “We must come to terms with the fact that enough is enough, that nobody, ethnic group or class of people in Nigeria must be allowed to take us for granted at this stage of our evolvement.

“Hence, Ijaw People must prepare to avenge the killing of an Apoi born Ijaw Young Man by Fulani Terrorists along Benin-Ore Express Road. The younger brother of Omoyele Sowore in the person of Olajide Sowore who was brutally killed today has to be avenged.”

The statement read in part:”We must ensure that whosoever kills an Ijaw Man or Woman, Youth or Child takes a loan repayable in the shortest possible time. The coordination, glory, togetherness and unity enshrined by our struggles as Ijaw People must establish a Sovereign Sanction, as well as retaliations against anybody or group that acts against our interests especially our existence.

“Eliminating our people one after the other, our existence and survival as a people must not be allowed. Such incidents had taken place in Bayelsa State wherein a woman was killed in her farm in Ogbia Local Government, nothing happened.

“Again, a Father and his Son were attacked in the same Ogbia Local Government and some people said it was an isolated incident. But again, another man was attacked in Yenagoa by the same Fulani marauders yet nothing happened and now it is Edo State.

The rights activist noted: “We must not fold our arms and watch this testing of our guys by Fulani Terrorists whose agenda is to exterminate the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria and claim our lands and resources.

“The Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) has made this resolve clear and Miyetti Allah Houre Koutal has also made it clear that “All Lands In Nigeria Belongs to the Fulani”, this agenda is not a joke to them and we must not take it kindly. Hence, we must do all things to ensure we frustrate this agenda and ensure our survival”, he added.

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