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Niger Delta

N-Delta group carpets Northern govs over opposition to southern presidency, ban on open-grazing



By Timi Black

Niger Delta pressure group, the Niger Delta Youth Association (NDYA) Worldwide has said the Northern Governors Forum’s recent position on zoning the Presidency to Southern Nigeria and ban on open-grazing lacked intelligence, adding it was infertile, an act of frost and official pushing of Nigeria to the direction avoided for many years now.

This is contained in a press statement signed by its national spokesman, Comrade Gabriel Patterson.

The statement read partly:”Recently, there has been North and South politics playing out in Nigeria. For the first time in the history of Nigeria after Lord Lugard’s Amalgamation, the two sections that made up Nigeria is now simultaneously pursuing its interests unlike in previous years when the Northern Governors continue to hold both regional meetings for their interests and extra regional meetings with the United Kingdom, United States and the European Union.

“For the very first time in 2021, Southern Governors across party divides held a meeting to ascertain the best way forward to protect her indigenes from extermination occasioned by criminal trespass by violent cum terrorists herdsmen who obviously were brought into the country by a large number of Northern Governors.

“The Southern Governors move to criminalize open grazing by passing anti-open grazing law in order to ensure the survival of her indigenes and to secure their properties being destroyed by the killer violent, and terrorists herdsmen.

“The Northern governors are playing dirty politics by claiming that it is unconstitutional to rotate the Presidency between North and South but unknowing to these unproductive mischief makers, they’re digging their own political graves”, he said.

“This is because the Presidency of Nigeria cannot be calumnically set aside for one region of the country on the basis of false demographic or political colonialism as it will open the floodgates of de-amalgamation of Nigeria through political and social anarchy, that perhaps, will comfortably lead to the demise of the falsely constructed Nigerian State by the Military largely dominated as at the time by Fulani and Hausa Marauders”, he stated.

“Particularly the Muslim North that is so obsessed with political power through which they rob the entire Southern Nigeria must understand that it can never win any strife against the South should we rise. The country is wrongly positioned by the Military in order to have a political demographics to subjugate the South by throwing Kogi, Kwara and Benue States respectively as Northern Nigeria of which they’re not but equity and justice must prevail”, he added.

“Hence, the Northern Governors Forum should continue with this evil move which unveils the fact that there has only been false unity, togetherness, peace and countrymanship in Nigeria.

“The North is putting itself in test through bad politics. Besides, the issue of VAT is an eye opener because the South is standing up to a situation of “Robing Peter to pay Paul” VAT is not an item in the Federal Exclusive list in the Constitution and cannot be. The Federal Government does not control land within each state except the FCT.

“Therefore, we will continue to follow up the North’s Agenda of Political Colonialism within the Constitutional Framework of Nigeria”, he added.