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By Asiayei Enaibo

Death prepares our earthly path to an unknown glorious place where no one has ever returned to tell us how beautiful it looks, some called it Heaven, some hellfire, all went home “Gidimu” when toad tells God, “fibofibo” should not return to earth to tell us how the last point of man’s home looks like. “Akpale and Obiri” competition ended us to this way of not telling how transition looks. Hope has placed our end point heavenly by our thinking, that depends on how you live in the vineyard of God. It is a celebration of life well spent on earth, a journey for all.

Dear Amb. Jude UKORI, the immediate past chairman of Egbema and Gbaramatu Communities Development Foundation ( EGDCF,) I have come to tell you what King Robert Ebizimor, the late Numupere of Ijaw nation said before he died, but his philosophies and prophecies live with us! King Robert Ebizimor gives us hope in the place of Heaven musically that when a man live to become the Amakosuwei before he joins the great beyond, probably families should not bother to shed tears because, that person will be metaphorically accompanied straight to Heaven by the Angels of God, this King Robert Ebizimor’s hope has prophetically made me to feel that all those men and women above 90 years that has become Amakosuwei in various communities, they are in Heaven, this is so to Pa. Richard UKORI, the Amakosuwei of Jamagie Town in Egbema Kingdom is in heaven, so why should his son Amb. Jude Ebitimi UKORI will be crying profusely when his father is already in Heaven. So any tears contrary to what the late Numupere has said, could make
Pa. UKORI to go to hellfire, so Jude should be happy that his father is now an Angel among Heaven to watch over us.

So, Robert Ebizimor said and I write. The only clause in King Robert Ebizimor’s song is that “it is only those who become Amakosuwei that ascend to Heaven, and himself who didn’t become Amakosuwei before his death is weeping in hellfire under his premises, therefore, it is only Jking Alfred Ezonebi that can actually reply the Talking Drum where his father is, hellfire or Heaven?

When Father’s gave birth to great and productive children, he has already prepared himself for a befitting burial ceremony, when he finally joined the League of Ancestors, Pa. UKORI will be buried on the 25th and 26th, March, 2022 in Egbema Kingdom, that is why I have come to console Amb. Jude UKORI, my great friend to take heart, knowing that the responsibility is much and the task ahead his great. I can only support you in prayers, and cry a little with you in writing. I know the bond between son and father no matter the age, tears of love still flows.

Yes, not only when there is food in someone’s mouth that you greet him so that he will call you to come and eat, greet him, even when there is no food in his mouth, that is when he will know who is his friend.

The memories of a good man cannot be forgotten when he is not administratively present on governance.

Friends, lovers of great administrators should make well to join my friend, brother, uncle and a great leader as he laid his father for burial interment in Egbema Kingdom.

Rest in Peace Great Boan!

Adieu Pa. UKORI!

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre