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They all have planned to marry more wives, cars and new girlfriends to lodge in five star Hotels for one week to drink free wines on the head of politicians before the new amendment came, so they are all weeping in their Hotel rooms of indebtedness, doors locked against them and Politicians no longer take their calls.

From top to bottom, the tears are flowing like the mysterious “Meintorubobou” river to Ogulagha sea. Yes thought is nothing before expectations as ‘Tonbrapagha’ has visited some at the night hours of the PDP primaries, postponement is eminent.

Politicians too are crying for the heavy waste of fund to all those unknown men for pleasure for the new twist as they have used billions for consultation visit for those who the new laws turn against, no right to vote as delegates, two individuals are weeping, one is to become rich overnight, and the other is the reason why I am so foolish to waste my stolen monies on someone who now can’t vote for me.

With the new law and amendment, I can’t even vote for myself, see what Top to Bottom has done to us. Either PDP or APC will postpone all primaries indefinitely.

The grassroot is yet to fight with the uproot as what they hoped for with petitions to become ward Excos is for nothing, and they are like unused tools in the eyes of a farmer.

Victory at the poll with monies become a problem. If I had earlier known I would have contested for Governorship too, now that we have just few Delegates, were I can use fish to lobby few delegates from my ‘Asan’ fishing net.

Those poor politicians with integrity who have no money to put delegates on monthly salaries are happy and those who have spent billions are weeping as delegates from PDP are planning to block East west road for not being inclusive in the primaries.

The pain I had too with them is that those politicians who refused to build bolehole waters for us in the village for two tenures would have spent their monies for my brothers at the grassroot, I would have eaten from them too whenever I visit my village because we can’t go to Asaba or Abuja to open their doors for us to eat because at elections time they have returned home.

The National working committee is the cause, so, as my brothers’ delegates are weeping, let them postpone this for amendment so that we too can contest for good leadership not money made election to buy leaders.

Top to bottom, has killed bottom to top as delegates have been ceased by hotel owners in Ware and Asgaba in Deta state as politicians have cut down delegates lists.

Our president has arrived for medical leave without signing the amendment act, Obohari has done this again.

All were wearing lion eyes towards the pocket of political embezzlers during the primaries but suddenly, they wear ‘Obori’ eyes weeping without tears.

Tears as weeping delegates called for help as I share their pains for not having two to three wives and drive cars like Yahoo boys in this political season of money make election flows, so I joined my tears with theirs as all Aspirants lines are show busy since the circulation came. Weep no more as your throat is dry for raining season has turned overnight.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre