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Tinubu’s govt worst of all, fire will start in Rivers State – Asari Dokubo



By Hannah Nathan, Warri

Asari Dokubo, a former leader of the Niger Delta militants, has claimed that the federal administration headed by President Bola Tinubu is the worst in history.

Asari claimed in a widely shared video clip on Wednesday that some Niger Delta residents, especially those of the Ijaw ethnic group, are already upset with the current administration.

During the election campaign, the former militant, who was a fervent supporter of Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC), bemoaned having previously given the Ijaw people assurances about the government’s performance.

But based on what he said, it appears that the Ijaw people are living in a nightmare under the Tinubu administration.

According to Asari, President Tinubu’s government is being put to the test by the political unrest roiling Rivers State.

He claimed that Rivers State would be the starting point of “any fire” resulting from the purportedly poor governance.

“This is the worst government,” he declared. The Ijaw people consider this government to be the worst. For them, this is a nightmare. Many Ijaw people called us during our campaign for you, saying, “Presido, Tinubu is your friend oo, and we hope he is not going to look the other way.”
“And I assured everybody that if Tinubu fails, they should hold me responsible. Now they are asking me if I am still sure.

“Rivers State is a litmus test, if there is any fire, it will start in Rivers State.

“I cannot stop them. As an individual, I cannot stop them, I cannot even stand in their way.”