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By Asiayei Enaibo

The kindling drum sounds from Egbesu-Ogele, the choir choruses awakening even the dead leaves. Keme-Sougha-bou, Lions and Tigers, Oboye birds and Ogou, Eagles perched to witness when Tompolo set in; this year will be better than 2023. The Head of all Akparan said so, the Barugu came out, Monkeys, and sacred pythons of Amadifiye, Tinbaisougha warm up the land and the rivers. The deaf and Dumb Dancer boy in Oporoza Osobou hears the drum of Egbesu songs clearly and dance to their rhymes and rhythms and could not dance other songs; no one has said this mystery from Oporoza or written about it. Tompolo is the hero in this story of the gods in Ijawland. An endless tale of man searching for his true identity and consciousness. Amaseikumor!
Some will doubt this revelation in their mundane disbelief, those who know intuition as divine accept with total faith as an African creed of worship and revelations from the gods to man.

You think God is only a Christian and Muslim in Nigeria? God is universal in Faith and Worship.

It is a universal mystery how soft feathered butterfly flies across oceans, seen moving side by side as mariners navigate through the sea, then nature also provides another soft landing spot, so safe the things under the watch of nature, then spidery in his mysterious nature cobweb the sea in a trap to feed in daily search; then, you must know this mystery too, and curious how dolphins love humanity, and guide them home whenever man go amidst the sea. Dolphin will bouy itself to take man who in his taste to eat sometimes kill Dolphins, then another mystery, when the bloods of Dolphin is split on the sea, then you must know that the gods walk in the ways of nature. White plate floats on the sea delicious, on several occasions and rivers and creeks, those who understand these sacred manifestations, at the time of the gods revealing their bond with them and accepting them. Make a mysterious exploit then the carnal soul for dispersing the presence of the gods.

Tompolo spoke to me and I wrote in the coded language of the gods.

There are powers before we were born on Earth; have you heard of Okirigbolubou, Azazabou, the forest where Tompolo came from? Who is that man that wants to relegate our ancestors to the mere status and refer only to the God of Abraham, and refer the gods of Ijor to a mere superstition? Who is that Government that does not believe in the constitution of Nigeria and fails to recognize the traditional institution without constituting a board and refuses to harmonise the religious space in Delta and Nigeria, Amaseikumor, Barugu, Ozibou, Gbaraun Egbesu, Egbema Egbesu, Ziba-Opuoru, Osuopele, Bini-Pere, Bini- Ebi Mardinorbo deity, Mein-Dirimo-Agbegha go forth let the Government of Delta State do the right thing to recognize the traditional institution headed by the gods begotten son of man— High Chief Dr. Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, to head and fund these other bodies to harmonize the peaceful belief of the traditional space.

Let me begin as the night gives way to the sun to shine forth over our heads, our sleeping eyes open to the activities of ours, Woyin watches with her Kindle eyes, Tompolo sets his duty at the sacred place of his heart . Men and women are set to clap and testify, the Queen of all Queens, Erinanawei, Amaseikumor look through our hearts with his radiant glamour to drive us deeper home to our consciousness, where we failed in 2023, we make amends in 2024.

My heart soaked with appreciation for the show of love I experienced, Amaseikumor, Bini-ebi, Bini-pere, Ziba-Opuoru, Okonoweibousingha, Amadifiye, Azaza, Ibolomobo-ere, Okirigboloubou, Egbesu, mediate on my behalf, let the gods help me tell God the created of the gods, which the gods report to on earth, to Bless Asiayei Enaibo and humanity beyond doubt so we could come in prayers in supplication, white clothes for the gods, drinks and other godly delicacies. Protect and empower our leader, the supreme head of the gods, High Chief Dr. Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo; his laughter is our laughter, his joy is our joy, blessed all the kariweis. Blessed all the Worutuwaweis, blessed all the Akparans and Kolokoloweis, blessed the women, blessed the boys and the girls.

Egbesu! Bini-ebi if the Government of Delta State can appoint board members for Christians and make funds available for them. If the Government of Delta State can appoint board members for Muslims, and they relegate the African beliefs to nothing, let the gods intervene and change this negative perception away from us, what our fathers believe and our ancestors hold on before us, let them do the right thing, so that 2024 Amaseikumor and Bini-ebi deities will come out the world too will know, it is a freedom of worship and honor to our root as our heritage on the contest of African believe as it is also a department in University of studies.

Let this pot cleanse the mind of Delta State Government to constitute the board of African traditional worship, Iseei!

In the wide world, sacred belief paid sacred attention in harmonizing the human enclave.

In this New Year, the gods set their calendars of activities as Amaseikumor Annual Festival in Gbaramatu kingdom then the famous Ayakoromo Olorogun Festival are set. Let The Executive Government of Delta State set the board members for the traditional worship institution in Delta State. The chairman, the gods begotten son, High Chief Dr. Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo Eferekirikpon, Odokorikodo, the Azaza himself the one who feed the gods and the gods watch over him meticulous, he builds mansions and edifice for the gods with marbles, more than forty incredible mansions, with roof above their head.

When the winds speak to Tompolo, the gods obey his command in fire, wind, storm and water.

Then the secretary general, the encoded language of the gods Asiayei Enaibo, when Tompolo speaks I write in telepathy through his libations poured on the ground, water and the native chalks sprayed in the air. Yes, Ogidigan. The king of Thunder, Ziba- Opuoru, let this be done before Amaseikumor tides into its season of looking at the waters.

The Executive Governor of Delta State, Elder Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevweri, should harken to the voice of the gods, the Egbe believers are also waiting too in Uhrobo land, other states Governors have public holidays for traditional festivals, Amaseikumor Annual Festival in Gbaramatu Kingdom 2024 is coming.

AMASEIKUMOR, Gboungbounfiyemor-torubenwei, Owuamapere, Osuwofinipere, Ogidigan
Erinanawei, appellations from the sea of hope to the living of the living.
The king of thunder, the king of all masquerade, gold, Silver and bronze it represents the consciousness of the Ijaw people, line as it glamour evaporates from the waters as the tide obeys it’s movement. Fantas, Biscuits, sugar, snuff, bitter kola,. Native chalks are thrown in the river to appease the peaceful nature of it, and purification, development, harmony it represents, declared Amaseikumor public Holiday in Delta state as the moon of Amaseikumor comes in it’s full regalia. Then Tompolo and other African traditional religious icons will have a complete fulfillment of their rights of place in worship as it is provided in the Constitution of the country Nigeria. Amaseikumor Masquerade beyond masquerade in Ijaw land in the ancient Gbaramatu kingdom, let the will of Amaseikumor, Ibolomobo-Ere, Gbaraun Egbesu, Ekeremor Egbesu, Egbema Egbesu, Osoupele, Oweiseimor, Bini-Ebi be done.

let it be so. Iseeeeeeei!

Asiayei Enaibo
Executive SA to Tompolo on Osobou matters
Writes from GbaramatuVoice