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Lawyer issues 2-day ultimatum to governor’s aide, Victor Ojei to apologise to rights lawyer Ogedegbe over defamation, blackmail



By Peters Monday

A legal practitioner Igho Ogedegbe,Esq. under OGEDEGBE & OGEDEGBE
(Superior Chambers), Warri has issued a 48hours ultimatum to Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s Senior Special Assistant on,
Civil Society and NGO’s matters , Victor Ojei , popularly known as Won Box to apologise to Omes Ogedegbe Esq. over character defamation and blackmails.

This is according to a petition issued by his lawyer Igho Ogedegbe Esq which a copy was sent to Congress correspondent on Wednesday.

The petition reads, “Our Attention was drawn to your open letter to the Inspector General of Police wherein you “DEMANDED FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF OMES OGEDEGBE, ESQ” alongside some other persons whom in your letter are “Human Right Activists in Delta-State, deceiving Deltans by emotionally blackmailing them with the impression that they stand for justice whereas they are more corrupt than the Police they always condemn”.

It further reads, “By the said undated letter caused to be circulated on verified and unverified social media handles you meant and was understood to have meant amongst other things to whom the publication were circulated thus:

“1.That Omes Ogedegbe, Esq. is an activist in Delta-State deceiving Deltans by emotionally blackmailing them with the impression he stand for justice whereas he is more corrupt than the police he always condemns.

“2.That the recent release of N89,000,000.00 (Eighty Nine Million Naira) Only by the inspector General of police alongside other valuables earlier seized by the River State Police Command, has led to serious disagreements and infighting among activists in Delta State.

“3.That some activist including legal practitioners, are asserting their dominance by claiming to be the primary architects behind the scenes, while others particularly those active on social media, insist that their role in making the case widely known justifies a significant share of the recovered funds.

“4.That Omes Ogedegbe, Esq demanding the highest share, has even gone as far as securing a court order for the impounding of the victim’s car until his share is paid.

“5.That the situation has escalated to the point it has been brought to the attention to the Ekpan Police Division.

“6.That this case is not an isolated case.

According to the lawyer, the said fallacy and falsehood peddled in the referred petition had caused serious damage on the reputation and hard earned image of Omes Ogedegbe, adding that the unguided governor’s SSA should apologise to him without a further delay.

The petition added, “The above letter to the Inspector General of Police is like the Shakespeare tale by Moonlight of a story told by an idiot full of sound and fury yet signifying nothing.

“While we struggle to comprehend your letter, we find ourselves reluctantly obliged to dignify you with a response have deemed only in view of your current appellation of being a Senior Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Civil Society and NGO’s.

The petitioner stated that the governors aide was expelled from being the Delta North Co-ordinator of the Confab for the Actualization of Human Rights on similar conduct of always seeking media publicity without first embarking on facts findings.

“Suffice to state, we do wish to discourage you from your chosen path of self destruction as you would recall it was same Omes Ogedegbe, Esq. that provided you a springboard for the advancement of your activism by ensuring your appointment as the Delta North Co-ordinator of the Confab for the Actualization of Human Right before your expulsion on similar conduct of always seeking media publicity without first embarking on facts findings.

“Anyway for the records, Omes Ogedegebe, Esq. was briefed by one John Atubi (who you referred to as the victim) to question his arrest by police officers of the River State Police Command and a fundamental Rights Action was filed in line with his instruction at the Federal High Court, Warri Judicial Division in suit No; FHR /WR/C5/66/23 Between:Davidson John Atubi vs. Inspector General of police and 2ors.

He narrated, “That upon the eventual release of the funds, the said John Atubi was no longer accessible on phone while he was yet to settle our legal fees.

“That in view of our inability to reach him and his nonchalance in settling our legal fees, especially upon the report he was relocating out of the court’s jurisdiction, we were left with no other option than to explore all legal options available to us for an absconding defendant.

“That it was at the point of carrying out the order of the court that the victim drove into the Ekpan police station and the order of the court was enforced in compliance by the police officers of Ekpan division.

“We were therefore taken aback to have read how you termed same an act of infighting amongst activist. The legal action between Omes Ogedegbe, Esq. Vs. Mr. John Atubi can not amount to what you termed infighting by activist and demand for higher share.

“Please be properly guided as we demand for an open apology for the vexatious publication caused to be published by you within 48 hours thereof as we shall be left with no other option than to institute legal action against you claiming “one hundred million naira”only as damages without further notice on you”, the petition added.

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