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Asiayei Enaibo.

As election year draws closer and the political promises move like waves, and new hopes recreated with the former ones unfulfilled, it is important to think beyond the scope of the usual ways, as Oil companies build their policies with communities through some levels of slight bargain and blueprints of MOU, one can also think in that dimension as this new approach could help in political developments.

We have so many promises made by politicians over the years, but it is unfortunate that some communities have not experienced any form of democratic dividends, our old parents, youths and women filed out to vote in an election which they in return expected Democratic dividends in their Communities as the old could not travelled to the corridors of politicians to enable them hustle to go home with any thing, rather than cup of rice and noodles during every end of year without no social amenities. It is imperative for a reformative approach for Community stakeholders to have a round table discussion to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for what they can do for the four years in office for Governance when elected.

Communities should be ready to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with politicians so that after election we can do community briefing of what is being achieved democratically through the representatives.

The following are some of the demands of our communities.

Give us portable drinkable water system

Give us electricity

Give us Good school

Give us hospital

Give us employment or create jobs for our youths.
Scholarship for our students.

And lastly give us road network.

The politicians and the people must agree upon something , so that we feel the impact of good governance which is a necessary obligation in any society.

When you are coming for the elections, when elected, for your four years, these are our only expectancy.

Yes, blueprints are key as a working template to achieve a short or long term plan to help actualizing our goals.

We can’t afford to feel the pains of failed promises after election, or sell our votes with two cups of rice, or only attending the Amakosuwei’s burial in the community as a political dividends, we say no to this.

It is time for us to make valid sign and sealed documents, then, any failure within two years time frame and nothing is done, we will match a protest of vote of no confidence from the wards and Communities as it is normal in the oil companies where protests are being carried out in the Niger Delta region for lack of implementation of developmental plans.

With this new approach, one is expected to see changes at the community level.

This, so I move.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice Media Centre