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Ekiti Govt Launches Monthly Financial Support for Vulnerable Residents



By Sola Omoniyi, Lagos

The Government of Ekiti State has launched a monthly disbursement program, providing N5,000 in support to 7,000 vulnerable individuals across the state for five months.

The categories of beneficiaries include people with disabilities, widows with dependents, elders over the age of 65, youths with dependents, and randomly selected individuals.

This initiative is a response to the Federal Government’s removal of the fuel subsidy and aims to alleviate the financial burden on vulnerable populations. It also aligns with the commitment of Governor Biodun Oyebanji’s administration to reducing poverty and improving the living conditions of residents, particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Additionally, it was learnt that an extra 3,000 vulnerable individuals will each receive N5,000 for five months, resulting in a total of N25,000 per beneficiary for 10,000 individuals.

The list of beneficiaries was compiled from the Social Register within the Ministry of Budget, Economic Planning, and Performance Management, ensuring representation from all communities within the state.

However, beneficiaries are encouraged to utilise the financial assistance wisely to mitigate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal and enhance their overall livelihoods.