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By Asiayei Enaibo

Severally, I sat down here like a solitary reaper gazing innocently at the tidal flow of the waters, silence and thinking deeper than those who could say something and nothing, yes I have said many things in many occasions and now in the black book of men for talking. For the ‘Bouweibeni’ only affects the poor as the rich build their houses only at the cities, and mountain tops when the season of power comes they are the owners of town.

Weep Not, Alaowei, for thirty years ago and those whom we thought could stop this invasion, have made no laws for our safety and we are still clapping for them, no one could say what wrong they have done to us. When you set the lines talking Drum to speak those Children of the privilege born keep an enmity look against my household. So bear I the burden crown of emptiness solitary in the vineyard of taste state of no water to drink while Alaowei drinks milks in brief meeting to building the Nation and I also heard that you now has Double edge sword here and there. Will the August Invaders affect Government Office holders too? Comradeship meetings closed, no calls, but today I hear your Call far away like the “Call of the River Nun” of Gabriel Okara’s poem. Yes, two Nation Builders arrival home today.

I am waiting for Otuaro who has the key to stop the invasion, for he’s around the corner, why should I bother? I have cried for thirty years of unproductive “Olumienotu” which oversight function is to travel and eat. Whenever invasion comes, they bring in one cup of rice as a relief materials to placate us and we the new Activists will then clap. I am waiting for Otuaro who have the master plan to circumvent the ravaging flood that has chased my Big brothers of not coming home. Yes silence is Golden and speech silver.

Every August the new visitor will come with reptiles, ailments and children floating on the bottom of our wooden beds, lifeless and we woke up shouting with a cry of condolences. Yes you said the Talking Drum is silent? Yet those whom we entrust our hope watch us on National TVs, and do suplementary budget for our sake and send garri cups as intervention to us to eat and build mansons with it. So who cares? Our annual invasion of flood is their annual ‘ perediri’of many Okubos so why will they fought what is putting food on their table Alaowei Cleric? They have already stated the English that flood is natural disasters, there is nothing we can do but to send them relief Materials to their belong friends and family members and they will not even look at Bobougbene.

Otuaro is the man who will walk on this waters and there will be stillness, the flood will obey Otuaro developmentally come 2023. The genuine saviour to overcome this plague of August Visitor is among the Ijaw agenda, new, clean heartedness to transform this plague of ravaging nightmare overnight, for that man is The KING_SLEY so my fears of annual tears will be no more.

Weep not, Child as Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

Once said, ” And loudly he said, ‘Why didn’t I do it?’ The voice said: Because you are a coward. ‘ Yes,’ he whispered to himself. ‘ I am a coward. And he ran home and opened the door for his two mothers”.
My silence is meaningful yes Alaowei the comrade which two hands are tied against his back politically and his mouth covered with cotton wools and ears blocked with a political stipend of no speech! Is this still Cleric Alaowei the Activist of Eseimogbene I know which advocacy against injustice that frightens the federal might is closed? His mouth bent like a “Dayepuko” of Ijaw fishermen of Ayakoromo river. Alaowei Speak to me!

My solace lies fully for the coming of the new month to fight against the August Visitors, when Barr. Kingsley Otuaro the Deputy Governor of Delta State comes, my agony will bow. Because he had conquered insurgency through his ideas of blueprints for oil to flow in our region, and he has the sword at hand to silence any contesting voice of the August Visitor of flood always conspiring against the the riverine dwellers.

The pandemic of flood is waiting to obey the last commandments of Otuaro in the Book of Otuaro as the Riverine Deltan for he is the man who understands the tidal flow to halt thee. Alaowei, weep Not, Child for everything has season of expiration. I am silent as the Talking Drum when Otuaro comes and coronated with oath of office, believe me I will have mouth to speak and my staff of office as the King of Toru- Ibe will be given to me. But for now as the August visitor flood is coming I am packing the remains of my rotten annually flooded foam to Okerekoko Island to Join Otuaro and have a befitting rest till 2023.

The Ijaws waited patiently to rewrite this, the office as the green pen of photosynthesis is with Barr. Kingsley Burutu Otuaro to avert the August visitor that have displaced us and our women to find new homes with new husbands. Yes Ogbe-Izon people have not even pitied us, whenever we are displayed to their island, they feed our women and wives with indomie as city tapioca and goes home with them, we in return after the flood we end up feeding children that don’t even look like us, for I am waiting for the Messiah to stop the August invasion.

The IDP camps provided has not favoured us for the pains of the submerged flood is better than as many children look like the IDP camps. Alaowei! We will climb trees to rest and bear this ephemeral pain than to father unknown children from our women after the flood, yes the flood goes back with many pains, hunger, displacement, destruction of properties and Snakes dwell in our homes. Those privilege ones will rehabilitate us into their pockets for the flood is a natural disaster that came with climate change.

Weep not, Alaowei, for none of our old Patriots holders can do it until Jesus comes for us. Ekanpou of Akparemogbene, and Oziko of Ogbolubiri are all waiting for Jesus to come

This is my expostulation reply to “the planned invasion by our August Visitor and the Silence of the Talking Drum: Is there a conspiracy?

Yes Alaowei Cleric too is a conspirator for he has seize to speak for his mouth has been induced with cutting wools, as our state problem his mouth mute but open for federal allegations, for there has been to charity at home.

When Otuaro comes he will circumvent the conspirators of silence through development of sand filling our communities and pill them up like trojan Hall against the August Visitors and for those who stand to speak now will be liberated.

So weep Not, Alaowei!

Asiayei Enaibo

The Talking Drum

Writes from GbaramatuVoice.