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From Canoe to Land: First Tears of Niger Delta Journalist Over Car Gift From Tare Pondi




Asiayei Enaibo

Time is fixed on the calendar of God like nature plans the movement of everything in the orbital seasons and time. Ijaw Fishermen and women obey the tidal flows of nature in their fishing expeditions of low and high tides to enable them to set the net when the fish are moving in the river, and when to withdraw the net to gain fish caught on the net—Amoubeni and Soubeni.

Like the natural movement of the famous Amaseikumor Festival, it works with nature and Nature has worked with Enaibo Asiayei through Sir Godfrey Pondi. My heart is painted with the powders and native chalk of Ibolomoboere temple so I came with a dance of grace and favor as the gods have answered my secret request through the journalistic canoe of GbaramatuVoice in telling the Niger Delta stories, a media platform that has trained people to be employers of labour

Weep Not Enaibo, the famous Niger Delta Cultural Journalist at GbaramatuVoice International thought is nothing before expectations; zero expectant is the secret medicine of a happy soul at work, those who work in a heart full of expectations, lost commitment and gain nothing before the point of departure but commitment, resilience, focus, and loyalty in service pay in unexpected coins.

Once upon a time in GbaramatuVoice, in the year 2015, precisely August, GbaramatuVoice was established by Mr. Jacob Abai, whose dream is to give Niger Deltans, the creek people, speaking space with undiluted stories as first-hand information. The reality of coastal communities, the deprivation and economic-based neglected coastal people who agitated for a fair share of the dividend of their oil as Natural Resources. The agitation to have development as a people where declared wanted by the national media and criminalized the Creek people as criminals and the region hostile; the necessity for a voice to change the prejudiced narrative gave birth to the GbaramatuVoice which has become a regional voice for the people.

I got married to Jacob Abai’s vision through high Chief Wellington Bobo in 2015, with commitment for better or for worse–moving to all corners to tell this story with people who appreciate us, and as well snubs too. But commitment and focus become the driving force to keep us alive in the Journalism business and become an authority in the Niger Delta region as the National Security Adviser’s office once said, “A news that is not coming from the GbaramatuVoice office in the Niger Delta is not true except. But if it was reported by GbaramatuVoice, that News is true.” We became a spotlight of a reality story carriers.

Under the rain from canoe to keke, from keke to canoe, our passion to tell the Niger Delta story and reconstructing the image of the Niger Delta region, in reality, becomes our source of hope to make the name GbaramatuVoice like Newyork Times with credibility, objectivity, make an image, be the voice of the voiceless, tell the stories of Environmental pollution through the activities of the multinational oil companies before Okpofire, the man-made Environmental destroyers emerged from the Niger Delta region through a means to survive but unknowingly killing the mangrove and destroyed our ecosystem before Tantita came to restore the Environment of the region and save Nigeria from economic meltdown as a company to curb oil theft and save National assets from Vandals. Tantita became the savior intervention of the weeping economic tears of the Federal Government of Nigeria as High Chief Dr. Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo’s Tantita became the only institution to save the mirage of oil theft and curb the Masquerades of oil Thieves. Tantita provided equal job opportunities to both males and females across the Niger Delta communities.

Yes, many people were watching the GbaramatuVoice activities and the conscious commitment and dedication of Asiayei Enaibo at the workplace. Severally, Jacob Abai has said this to workers to take the example of Enaibo who will leave his wife in the labor room to go to work and assign someone to look after his wife because once a company disappoints its clients, the company is losing its value chain in the competitive market of engagement. Like soldiers on duty, Journalists are Soldiers too at every point of call to Service without complaints as obligations to give the right information to society.

Yes, that is by and by! Hard work pays at its comically fixed time in life. So many persons have appreciated me in different ways in the course of working with GbaramatuVoice from both young and old, loyalty gains are uncountable, and a reward of commitment. I am a beneficiary of the Amnesty of hard work with the gratuity of appreciation, from Gbaramatu Kingdom to Ogulagha, Egbema, Arogbo-Ibe to Ngbilebiri, Esena-Ibe has rewarded me in their different coins

Be focused, men are watching you as a young man who is working in another man’s company, and when you get yours, others can serve you well. Commitment has made me dine with Tompolo in the Osobou pot of life and power, commitment has made me dine with kings and leaders; Dedication has rewarded me as more persons have planned to surprise me. The gods made their blessings to man at the appropriate time, as Tompolo will always say, “Sainlagha, when it is time, Talking Drum, I will talk to you about the benefits of this deity to th Ijaw nation.”


From, conventional journalism, I became deeply interested in African traditional worship institutions through the daily coverage of Tompolo’s sacred workshop traditional institution that preserves the total heritage of the African belief system with sincerity of purpose different from just hallelujah as the only way to the true values of our existence as African people with an impeccable belief system that is not borrowed but a true identity of our consciousness on the true essence of the divine intelligence as the Woyin the mother creator.

These underlined cultural values, norms, and creeds that obey the natural law of the land become my passion to tell this story with joy to the extent that the gods communicate with me in letters while I write their stories to be preserved on the lips and hearts of mankind. Egbesu Torumobramo.

GbaramatuVoice International allowed me to connect myself to the root, so I became the Osobou writer and the gift is beyond my mere understanding. But spiritually, like a seeker who finds his true call, finds his way to his root. My stories became spiritually rooted, and passion, joy, dancing, and working, became gifts from Upuaduwe to make me diligent and prepare my pathway as a cultural journalist.

Osikinagba! Kings, subjects, men, and leaders saw my unwavering disposition to duty, loyalty in service, and commitment to contribute my quota in nation-building through the media as the fourth estate of the realm. With flaws GbaramatuVoice keep pushing me forward.

Yes, the first time I cried and tears nourished my face with Joy, Amaseikumor, Barugu, Ziba- Opuoru, Amadifiye, Sarabobou, Oweiseimor, Bini-pere, Peremobo-ere Eneokubafere, Bini-ebi Madinorbo, Ogonikoko, Okonoweibou-Esinghan, Biagbene- bou, Ekpemu-Bou, Barugu, Gbaraun Egbesu, Owei-Egba, Oyain, Eyoro-egba, Osuopele, Amadifiye, Tompolo- Opuasain, Ade-ere Opuasain, Nanabodiseimugha of Kokodiagbene, Aziza, Deities, etc, the gods had a private meeting with leaders, let us bless our Osobou reporter over the years with a car gift and every other thing therein will follow. And through Sir. Tare Godfrey Pondi the General Manager of Operations of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited appreciated me with a car gift. I wept like Lord Jesus. This is too much! A car gift? What I was not even expecting. I was passionate about canoe since I got married on canoe to Keke and a man found me worthy with a car gift!

Osikinagba! Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited has transformed humanity with a total commitment to providing an enabling environment to mankind.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the management of Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited, High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo, the feeder of the gods, the Aziza himself, the gods begotten son of the gods, Opua- Eferekirikpon, long live the king of the gods. To High Chief Kestin Pondi, MD Tantita, your kindness and willingness to help humanity is beyond loving your neighbors as yourself. Yours is loving yourself as others. To Sir Tare Godfrey Pondi, a man of action, king of the youth, the civilian General whose agenda is to transform youths and give them opportunities to reform their lives, may Amadifiye bless you all.

To humanity who often celebrate Asiayei Enaibo at GbaramatuVoice International, God, and gods will celebrate you all. Ogidigan!

To my boss and friend, CEO GbaramatuVoice International Mr. Jacob Brakere Abai, words beyond thank you and commitment imprisoned in my heart for duty, a platform of opportunities, many have come and gone, here cometh my reward. Thank you, sir.

My daughter was born on the first day of the Bini-ebi Madinorbo celebration in Ogulagha Kingdom, she was named Pere-Ere Kindness Asiayei, and her dedication became a double dedication, herself and a car, Pere-Ere wants anything, it will be done as Tompolo said your flood wife gave birth to a baby girl, he simply said ‘eyorofoubofou’ and left without a another follow-up words.

This gift, I wasn’t the best Journalist in the Niger Delta, but Osikinagba finds me worth with this favour, yes a favour for all my colleagues, when we are on duty, this car will serve our purpose to overcome rain fall over our heads.

With this car let me use this medium to appeal to the executive Governor of Delta State to help me complete Ayakoromo Bridge so that The Niger Delta Journalist Asiayei Enaibo can drive his gifted Car to the Bobougbene community. This is my prayer, Iseei.

Let me end my words of appreciation with a word that will give me another opportunities.

Agadagba! Agonogbokirigbolo!

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from GbaramatuVoice media organization