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Insecurity: It’s bandits ravaged North that needs state of emergency, not Anambra – Ozobo, N/Delta activist



A foremost and radical Niger Delta rights activist Comrade Ozobo Austin has warned Muhammadu Buhari against the threats of state of emergency declaration in Anambra state, adding that it is the north east where bandits have field day, killing innocent Nigerians that needed State of Emergency declaration and not Anambra state where people were only agitating genuinely for a right.

According to the activist, it was only a mad man that would left banditry ravaged North to go and declare state of emergency in a peaceful Anambra state.

He said, except Buhari had been blindfolded, there was no reason to imagine state of emergency declaration in Anambra state, noting that it was the north that posed security threat to the country and not Anambra state.

Ozobo further maintained that selective treatment of security issues in the country was the reason for the continued killing of innocent citizens by the Northern militant groups.

He asserted that killings in the Anambra and other eastern states were perpetrated by Northern bandits and herdersmen terrorizing the Area.

He stated that if Buhari was not bias and selective in security issues in the country, he should declare state of emergency in all north eastern states without further delay.

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