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No hiding place for criminals terrorizing Inikorogha community –Ezekiel



▪Threatens Igiri legal action over libel, defamation

The Senior Special Assistant to the governor of Delta state on security matters, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel has urged the public to disregard unfounded lies peddled by one Andrew Igiri, defaming that he is not an indigene of Olodiama kingdom.

However, he threatened that Mr. Andrew Igiri may face legal action for peddling falsehood and libel against his personality.

While addressing section of the media in Benin on Wednesday, Ezekiel, said there would be no hiding place for criminals terrorizing Inikorogha community and its environs, adding that all criminals terrorizing the peaceful Inikorogha community will be brought to book in no distance time.

Ezekiel reiterated: “there is one thing that is constant in this life is TRUTH becasue no matter how you bend or try to bury, it will find it way out .
It is very germane and pertinent that l response to one of Robert Okubo criminal foot soliders, Andrew Igiri, whom l call terrorists spoke person, concocting lies and blackmails in one of the dailies that l am not from Edo state and spreading falsehood.

“Yes, like he rightly said that am championing the course to end terrorism, criminality, oppression and other manners of lawleness ravaging the Riverine part of Edo state, which is steadily spreading to Delta State under the leadership of an ex-militant, Robert Okubo.

“It does not come to me as a surprise the ranting of Andrew Igiri becasue as a key mermber of Robert Okubo terror empire, this charlatan is the one that collects ransom on behalf of anybody Robert Okubo kidnap.

“Andrew Igiri being a member of the syndicate terrorizing the riverine area, is free to shout from now till end of time, he must face the law of this nation for the shooting of China Samuel on 10/10/2020, which is already in Edo state police command, reason he too is on the run.
So how do you expect this kind of charlatan not to turn white into blue for a notorious criminal.

“Andrew Igiri equally accused me of spreading falsehood , well l can understand his frustration and pain becasue the search light of security agents on him and other members of Robert Okubo terrorists gang is really telling and bitting hard on them. Let me challenge terrorists spoke person, Andrew Igiri to answer the following questions .

“Who murdered Ernest Ibinebi on 13/11/2013, and went away with his corpse that up to this date, nobody know whereabout of the deceased body?

“Why did your boss, Robert Okubo ran away from the court he dragged me to in 2019 for defamation of character? until the judge threw out the case and awarded a damage of 90,000 naira against him.

“Who brutally shut China Samuel on 10/10/20 at Inikorogha community ?.

“Who ordered for the destruction of Oma Arigba house at Inikorogha community on 22/06/2021 for working as water boy for Edo state government?

“Who sent youths to cut and scattered the woods Governor Godwin Obaseki seized in Marine Jetty in the middle of night ,22/06/2021!

“Did your notorious boss honored her lordship, retired judge Ada Ehigiamusoe invitation to human rights abuses panel constituted by Governor Godwin Obaseki last year?
Again, yes, terrorists spoke person is right by saying that Ijaw community is being run through custom.

“This is my question for this foolish and crumbs eating animal, is furgtive Robert Okubo the authority and custodian of Inikorogha community that he controls everything from revenue, projects, appointments , contracts ,who should stay and not in Inikorogha community?. Can Andrew point to any Ijaw community where a small boy of Robert Okubo age will pocket elders,youths and women ,with beaten ,killing and banishment as reward for anybody that raise voice . What kind of CRUDE SLAVERY is this in a 21st century?

“Another tissue of lie from spoke person of terrorists is his narrative of me not being from Edo state.
I am a bonafide citizen of the state from Gbeoba community,Ovia South West LGA.
Infact my community is 25 minutes drive from Inikorogha community. The first picture above happened to be me sitting on my late father Tomb at Gbeoba, while the second picture was taken in my community on the day of Edo state Governorship election, 19/09/2020.
With me in this picture are APC youths, while the chief in black hat and Ijaw traditional attire is APC leader in Gbeoba.

“His name is chief Cyriius Olopele a very prominent person in Edo stste. So my readers, who spreads falsehood among two of us ?. I can see that terrorists spoke person is really recieving sound tutorial from furgitive Robert Okubo, a first class pathological liar. He accused me of not adding any economic and political value to Ijaws in this state.

“I will not sing the praise of my self, but generality of Ijaws in Edo state will attest of my contribution to their lives be it economy or political wise, unlike his boss Robert whose ONLY agenda is to kill, spread crimnial acts, oppress and enslave our people which l say capital NO to.
Members of Robert Okubo gang should submit themselves to security agents for proper investigation instead of seeking for public sympathy and blackmail of security agencies that will not fly.

“I join my voice with that of Amakosuwei of Inikorogha community, High chief Joseph Megbuwei in calling on inspector General of police to order for the withdrawal of the two mobile men guarding the notorious criminal Robert Okubo in his hide out at Inikorogha because him being a serial liar, what ever reason he might given in Abuja that led to the deployment is nothing but a RUSE”.