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Putin weeps as Ukraine seizes 400 tanks, 700 armoured vehicles, 170 artillery system



Russian President Vladimir Putin has wept over the loss of 400 tanks, 700 armored vehicles, and 170 artillery systems of various types to Ukrainian forces.

The Russian president was reportedly devastated and regretted it when he was briefed about the loss of the high volume of equipment.

It was gathered that the Ukrainian military seized this high number of military hardware following the continuous counteroffensive launched at the Russian forces.

The Russian forces abandoned some seized equipment and fled the country due to the aggressive bounce back of the Ukrainian military.

This success was recorded in Eastern and Southern Ukraine where the Russian forces occupied all communities and Villages.

Speaking on the development, the Ukrainian president, Zelensky attributes the victory to the support given to them by the US, adding the seized Russian equipment would aid the war against injustice.

He said the counter-offensive would continue till every part of Ukraine is freed from Russian captivity.