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Ukraine’s counter-offensive advances to Russia borders liberates more villages



The Ukrainian military announced that its counteroffensive had gotten to the borders between Russia and Ukraine in the Northeast of the country.

It was gathered that Izium, the second largest city of Ukraine which was preoccupied with Russian forces had been completely liberated.

The report further said that more villages around the Kharkiv region of the country had been recaptured from the Russian forces. The statement by a Ukrainian forces spokesman also accused the Russian forces of killing over 1000 innocent citizens in Izium town.

According to the statement, Ukrainian forces had reclaimed lost territories to the borders of the Northeast region of the country.

However, the Ukrainian forces were aided by the supply of logistics by the West in recent times.

Meanwhile, the president of Ukraine Volodymir Zelensky had decried enormous damage caused to the country by Russian troops.

While in Izium town, Zelensky and his gallant fighters observed a minute of silence for the falling heroes of the country in the war.

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