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You are a pathological liar; your criminal activities can’t be covered up by lies -Ezekiel replies Okubor



• Says Tompolo should reject Okubor’s planned visit

•Urges Okubor to appear before the security agents to answer criminal case against him

Niger Delta rights activist Comrade Daniel Ezekiel has rubbished statements made against him by an ex-militant, Robert Okubor in a recent publication, describing such statements as unfounded, barbaric, mischievous, defamatory and derogatory.

The activist who have been on war parth with Okubor said High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, alias, Tompolo should reject attempt by Okubor to visit him to beg for forgiveness.

Ezekiel added that Okubor must appear before the security agents to answer his criminal cases in Edo state, adding that Tompolo should not interfere as regards the criminal nature of Okubor case.

This was stated in a statement signed by himself which a copy of it was sent to Congress news correspondent.

Ezekiel described Okubor as a pathological liar, adding that no amount of lies could cover up his criminal activities in Edo state.

The statement read partly:”When lie goes unchallenged it becomes truth before the public. So it is imperative l response to some bareface lies and twisting of event in a online publication by the notorious criminal, Robert Okubor”.

Ezekiel asserted that it was disappointing and disgusting for Okubor to allege that he (Ezekiel) was peddling lies against him, and disturbing Inikorogha community.

Ezekiel queries:”These are my questions, he said I’m lying against him, also said I’m not from Olodiama and shouldn’t have bother over his shooting, killing, maiming, kidnaping, beating and banishment of people at Inikorogha and other riverine communities. Okubor further said the rambling of I who is not from Olodiama is of no importance to the subject matter of his criminality on ground. But let the fool know that I need not to come out from a particular place to fight injustice and criminality as an activist. The role of activist is to fight oppression and injustice where ever it rear its ugly head.

“It is a pity that this unrepentant crook could hauled insult at Madam Victoria Potoki, who saved his life when all plans had been perfected to waste this idiot. The publication that carried Tompolo’s amnesty acceptance in 2009, Madam Potoki took it to Ekewan water side to convince this kidnapper to accept Amnesty.

“It was this process that brought him out of the creek. Again he was arrested and kept in Edo state Police Command under SARS unit for 21 days.The same woman he heaped lies on was the one who put calls across to DSS director then, Mr kayode to hint him about this animal arrest in company of late Ebitebela for various offenses ranging from bank robbery, sea-piracy and Kidnapping, and after a while, Mr kayode called her back that no Robert Okubor was arrested, but one Areremi Edu.

“It was malo, Robert elder brother who told Madam Potoki that it was Robert, and that he used their grand father’s name to decieve security agents.

“My readers, you can see that criminality has been in this boy DNA for years, no wonder he cannot change again, unless he go to jail where forceful sense will be knock into his head, Ezekiel lamented.

“It was Madam Potoki that appeal to the first Amnesty coordinator air vice mashal lucky Ararile, a king in Agbor now, to get him released and enlist him to the amnesty programme, when she was working with him. Ararile, then spoke to then Governor , Adams Oshiomole who ordered for this ungrateful animal release. This same woman in company of his terrorist spoke person, Andrew Igiri went to see Osho Baba to get him free.

“To cut a long story short, this woman was this pathological liar saviour as regards his level of altrocities in the state. But today the same woman is what he is using as tooth pick, why will God judgement not fall on him.

“How truly that he is innocent of Ernest Ibinebi gruesome death at Inikorogha water on 13/12/2013?. Is he inocent of the shooting of China Samuel? So he is inocent of Oma Arigba house that was totally destroyed at Inikorogha?. He is equally innocent of banishment of women and youths from Inikorogha?. He is also innocent of being accused of not honoring her Lordship retired judge Ada invitation to human rights abuses panel?. He is equally innocent of perpetrating crime in Ikoro, Gelegele, Ekewan, Iboro and Inikorogha communities?.

“The A.T.and P crain looted at Inikorogha, you are also innocent? Is it really true that he is innocent of all the allegations leveled against him?, since he is innocent, why he and his hoodlums running away from security agents invitations.?

“If there is any one who is embodiment of greed, this kidnapper is the one. Pepe his younger brother who is a councilor is the one in charge of selling of all lands at Inikorogha. It is Okubor’s elder brother, Tini Robert has been the chairman of the community for the past ten years. The treasurer who is also a pastor of Baptist Church in the community, one Ojuemi is not indegene of Inikorogha, like wise Pereke Ukulor that he made youth pesident, yet he imposed them on the community because they are doing his bidding.

“This notorius criminal spoke about constitution in the Community. If l may ask, who wrote it? Is it his lawyer ,Damien Kalayolo to serve Robert interest?. Funny enough, some of these crumbs eating youths, praising him on social media were for several years have been victims of his terror act, but becasue of hunger and lack of proper home training, they are now his foot soliders.

“In rounding up,Robert Okubo has always been bad dog, which law of this country must hang this time around .
In addition, Robert spoke about the likes of Potoki, Godstime etc and that they only come to home during elections.

“How will they come to a Community that Militants have taken over, with beaten and shooting of any one who dare voice out. So how do you expect a law abiding citizen with no gun and no Militants to stay. The best thing is to take the lawless and criminal acts going on in the community before law enforcement agencies, he alleged.

“Okubor is the real meaning of greed. His elder brother is a supervising councilor, younger brother councilor, son S. A .
All community revenue coming into his private accounts.
My readers, please who is the greedy one here?”, he lamented.

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