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Again, Activist Ezekiel Slams Putin over Ukraine’s invasion, says the world will stand with Ukraine



As tension brewed in the Eastern Europe and Western countries following what the world described as unprovoked invasion of a peaceful Ukraine by Russian military, a foremost African rights activist, Comrade Daniel Ezekel has slammed the Russia’s president Vladimir Putin for causing mass killing and destruction of lawful citizens of Ukraine.

The statement was disclosed in a press release titled ‘Morning Nugget’ which a copy of it was sent to our correspondent in Delta State.

According to him, since Ukraine is an independent country, there was no point for Russia to invade the country over its rejection of Russia’s union.

Ezekiel, described the attack as a inimical, an act of dictatorship and insisted that the world would continue to condemn his (Putin) activities, in spite of his lawlessness and senseless display of nuclear weapons to scare the world.

The statement read partly: “Western nations failed to consider Russia
security interest, reason l invaded Ukraine..sadist Putin.
What is Russia security that Ukraine trampled upon?.
To neophytes, let me educate you a bit. Ukraine, Estonia, Poland, Bugaria, Moldova, Hungary, Belarus, Georgia and few others were part of Eastern Europe under IRON CAST rule of USSR, with communism forced on them as a way of life. This ding dong was on until USSR fell into oblivion in 1991.
From the beginning of the world, one KEY thing man cherished most and has been desire to keep is FREEDOM. Adam disobeyed God in the garden of Eden in search for freedom.
Having breath air of freedom from coläpse of USSR, each country began to search for identity that will best provide platform for them to grow into reality their dream, aspiration and visions . This led them to join EU and NATO.

“Yes, no system is perfect, but one thing nobody can take away from Western world is there total commitment to make life very meaningful for their citizens, following 5 and 6 formats.
Poland, Bugaria, Moldova, Hungary and Estonia have been members of EU and NATO for more than 5 years now, but they have not trampled on Russian security for one day despite been that they circle Russia as neighbors.

“So if these countries been members of EU and NATO for years, and never threaten dictator Putin security, why and how will Ukraine NATO membership will be a security threat to Russia ?
Russian is the second language in Eastern Europe, with strong historic ties to Hungary, Estonia and Bugaria, yet they cause no headache to dictator Putin in their years of being in EU and NATO in terms of security.

He further maintained: “Ukraine is an independent nation with FULL right to choose path that will be of benefit to its citizens,without consulting emperor Putin.
The truth of the matter is that there is no justification for what ever reason for tyrant Putin to invade peaceful Ukraine, apart from greed, expansionary ,ego and conquering agenda.”

“In round up , let me salute the courage of Ukrainians for standing ‘firm’ to defend their heritage by resisting drug addict Putin and his dead USSR resuscitating mission.
Let me also give standing ovation to U.S, E .U , NATO , FIFA, UEFA, CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, COMPANIES LIKE YUTUBE, APPLES, e.t.c leading assault of Isolation on war mongering Putin who feels that he can solely change our world into his whims and caprices.
May the peace of the one that rules in the affairs of men reign on earth.
Ma Sallam.”