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By Asiayei Enaibo

Happiness is one of the fundamental pillars in the longevity of human life. It cannot be truly measured by any scientific instrument as it flows from the purest thoughts of men within the inner mind.

Fundamentally, happiness is a medicine to heal the soul and it is only Happy Men’s Club of Gbaramatu kingdom that has the key to such medicinal efficacy for humanity.

It was Nigeria’s Independence Day! The day was full of many stories: many seated at their corridors with very angry faces, some hands rested on their cheeks, some stood akimbo, some folded their hands in sorrow and agony– thinking deeply in pains–such were the demoralizing indices of the 61 years old country! One wonders where Nigeria is going? Where do we go wrong? Was this the labour of our Heroes past?

Even the Fiyewei of Gbaramatu Kingdom seated at his corridor, forgot the National Day because the agony of the current Nigerian state has been a great concern to both the living, unborn and the death. So, Chief Godspower Gbenekama refuses to celebrate his birthday but was praying for Nigerians in tradition and Christian languages, being one of the first pastors in the Anglican Faith in Gbaramatu Kingdom then.

It was a mental Communion, sober reflection of Nigeria on Independence Day. Suddenly, Chief God’spower was in a trance of happiness, in radiance, good health and vitality celebrating Nigeria at 61. The happiness cannot be measured, the laugher was so loud in his tranced moment that it attracted his wives to run to see his sudden mood of joy. Yes, his wives wanted to wake him, but he has a principle established in his family not to be disturbed in moments of rest on matters they could wait to see him later. So all are abiding by this unique principle.

Behold! It was Happy Men’s International Club of Gbaramatu kingdom led by Engr. Amos Okoro of Oporoza community, the National President and his members that came to celebrate his birthday anniversary specifically planned on Independence Day with a Cake bearing Nigeria at 61. The symbolic green, white, green to reflect love for the current state of Nigeria, and
what ( he) Chief God’spower has done in restoring peace and harmony in the Niger Delta region. They join hands in fellowship to pray for good health and long live for his stay on Earth.

The humanitarian roles of Happy Men’s Club cannot be overemphasized in their crusade to show love to humanity and helping those in need to build peace profound.

By and by, it is the same Happy Men’s Club who set up navigational path on the waterways to guide speed boat drivers at night with reflector stickers on the oil well heads in Gbaramatu Kingdom in Warri South West LGA, as a way of contributing to human safety in the creeks? This ought to be a responsibility of the Waterways and land security as a part of security measures to safe guard the people travelling late in the evening hours, but Happy Men’s Club shouldered the responsibility.

The photographs shown above are the pictorial evidence of what happened on the Independence Day, how Happy men’s club was able to put chief Amb. God’spower Gbenekama (JP), the Fiyewei of Gbaramatu kingdom into a trance of happiness.

Happy Independence day to Nigerians. Happy birthday to Chief God’spower and happy celebration to all Nigerians.

Engr. Amos said, this echoes could only be louder in the voice of the Talking Drum, so, I write.

This message is from Happy Men’s Club International to celebrate humanity and Nigeria at large.

Asiayei Enaibo
The Talking Drum
Writes from