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Personalities converge to celebrate 11-year-old Itanemi Ogbise’s birth anniversary in Delta



By Anita Godfrey

The weekend was spiced up as dignatries, friends, well-wishers and family members converged in the Usefurun community near Warri, Delta State to celebrate with Ogbise Endurance’s son, master Itanemi Gabriel as he clocked 11 years.

The mega event was chaired by Engr. Henry Sibete and other personalities such as Comrade Ozobo Austin, SA political to Delta State governor, Comrade Daniel Ezekiel SSA to Delta State governor, respected Chiefs and youths of Usefurun community, Comrades and CEOs of media houses and others.

The celebration of Master Itanemi Gabriel’s 11th birth anniversary was colourful. Guests were well entertained as all kinds of foods and drinks were made ready.

However, dignitaries were thrilled with powerful songs, comedy and colourful dancing steps by children and parents.

Master Itanemi received several gifts both in cash and kind.

The chairman Sibete who presented a bicycle and cash gifts to Itanemi also appreciated Ogbise Endurance (father of the celebrant) for being so supportive to him.

The father of the celebrant who hailed from the Ekenwan community in Edo state thanked all participants for honouring and celebrating with his son on his birth anniversary.