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JUST IN: DESOPADEC Commences Anti-Drug, Anti-Cultism Campaigns In Sapele




By Stephen Asaba-Ase

The Department of Community Development and Public Enlightenment, Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission, DESOPADEC, is launching a groundbreaking campaign to tackle the pressing issues of tobacco use, drug abuse, and cultism in Sapele. This initiative is aligned with the M.O.R.E. Agenda of the Delta State government and is led by Chief John Nani, Chairman of DESOPADEC, and Chief Festus Ochonogor, Managing Director.

The campaign, themed “Campaign Against Tobacco Use, Drug Abuse, and Cultism,” is taking place on today Thursday, May 30, 2024, at 11:00 AM at Sapele Technical College. Chinenye Ezonfade, Head of Community Development and Public Enlightenment Department, and Chief Favour Izuokumor, Executive Director of Social Services, will host the event.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of tobacco use, drug abuse, and cultism, including brain damage, destroyed destinies, destitution, and premature death.

However, it would highlight the risks of cultism, which can lead to criminality, gang wars, addiction, and turning individuals into societal menaces. The campaign seeks to empower the community to make informed choices and promote a safer, healthier environment.