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Buhari’s agenda is to Fulanize Nigeria -Obadiah Mailafia



Following the notorious Jihadists killings of Nigerians,
the former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr Obadiah Mailafia has stated that Buhari’s primary agenda is to Fulanize the country.

Obadiah alleged that there is an ongoing plot by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to foist a Fulani and Islamic agenda on Nigerians.

Malaifia stated this in Akure, while speaking on a special session organized by Forum for Good Governance Towards Revival for All Nations (TRANS 21) with the theme: “The Role of the Church in Nation Building”.

He reiterated that the present administration of Nigeria was pushing for the Islamisation and Fulanisation of the country.

Malaifia said: “The kind of Islam that is coming from Sahara is dangerous. They want to take over your land and enslave you. Christians must rise to protect it. They want to take over your land and enslave you.

“In the North East alone, more than 3000 churches have been destroyed, more than 400 priests and pastors have been killed. Last year, the CAN chairman of Adamawa was beheaded, even after a ransom was paid. We have been told that the so call bandits, who should not be called bandits because no bandit has the capacity to bring down military aircraft. No bandit has the power to attack Nigeria Defence Academy which is the premier institution for the training of armed forces. No bandit has the capacity to do that, only terrorists have the capacity to do that.

“We are being told that this terrorists are part of the insurgency because they did these kidnappings to raise money in order to fund the insurgency.”

Malaifia said “Nigeria is now a failed state, unable to perform its statutory roles. Nigeria cannot be described as a nation because the power is not concentrated in the hands of government alone. There are other blocs that now have power of coercion.

“Rival groups control territory. Boko Haram is in control of over half of Niger State and if they successfully take over Niger, Abuja will be a walkover.

“Government cannot provide security for the people. Nowhere is safe in the country. The forests have been taken over by foreign invaders.

“The economy is collapsing. There is collapse of the institution. Police, Universities’ standards are low. Corruption has taken over in the country. What else do we need to say that Nigeria is not a failed state?”

He said “Nigeria has been designated as a failed state. We may not say it is a failed state but certainly it is surely exhibiting the features of a failed state in terms of the kind of violence, the widespread insecurity, terrorism, abuse of humanity, criminality, rape, killing, maiming, destruction, we are a failing state. The solution is nothing more than the need to give birth to a new Nigeria.

“It is clear that the constitution we have presently is a fraud; it is a fraud because it starts with *we the people* when infact you and I did not sit anywhere to design this constitution. By this fact alone, it is based on lies and fraud.

“In the past, people couldn’t know that because former President Olusegun Obasanjo was a fair minded man and he was dedicated. Umar Musa Yardua (of blessed memory) was also a fair minded man, and because Goodluck Jonathan was a fair minded mind too.

“So people could afford to live with fraudulent constitution, but now today we are seeing a fraudulent constitution in the hands of people who have hidden agenda, who hate our country, they have nothing to offer us.

“Therefore, on this basis, we must reject the evil we are seeing and we must demand for the re-engineering of our federation for the restructuring of our country so that we can have a new Nigeria anchored on social justice, fair representation for all the nationalities of this country and have a government based on transparency, justice and hope for all Nigerians and anchor on devolution of powers. This is the way forward.”