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Our choice! your mandate!



By Asaba-se Stephen

My heart has been wallowing for how and when our political misfortunes will be traversed nipped in the bud. Ayakoromo, my people, we were the deciding factor in Burutu LG politics some days. Where do we get it wrong? If it is by our sins can’t we pray for forgiveness? Maybe our eyes are not open enough to identify and grab opportunities. How long the God of Ayakoromo be asleep? Now is the time for our God to be awake. Our ancestors are to be taken responsibility. Do they create or cause Ayakoromo and her people to suffer? I don’t think so!

Ayakoromo my indigenous people, a beautiful tapestry is on the wall for us to inscribe her name. If our eyes were not previously open enough to identify and grab opportunities, now is another chance. Now God has sent a man, John, the Baptist, Moses and David to save us from political deprivation.

Comrade Ozobo Austin is set to rewrite the unfinished history and legacy of Dr. Braduce Angozi. Don’t say he is not my brother, he is not in my political hegemony. Note, that Jesus Christ, Joseph, David, Moses and the rest of them did not belong to any political hegemony before God raised them to save His people.

Ozobo’s robust ambition could be the voice of God, it could be the handwriting of the ancestors on the wall. Let us open our spiritual eyes and seek Solomonic wisdom, so we will not be the enemies ourselves. Ozobo is the chosen one! let’s embrace him so we can dwell on his riveting blueprint. Let the prayers of our ancestors reverberate on their tomb, and let Ozobo be installed as the Chairman Burutu LG council.

Let us fast and pray.
Ozobo is our history that is about to happen.
Let us all shout the joy of triumphant victory for Comrade Ozobo Austin,
Our choice, your mandate, their Candidate for Chairman Burutu LG council.

By Asaba-se Stephen
Writes from Bobougbene community, Burutu LGA.